Upper Amazon Boating Adventure Trip Peru

Amazon River Cruise

The Boating Adventure of a Lifetime.

The Amazon in Peru is truly one of the great rain forests in the world. We offer a chance to both visit the rainforest and to live with the true guardians of it.  Our Boating Cruises are the most popular trips in Peru for viewing the Cultural Resources of the upper Amazon River.

We will travel by boat into the remote part of the Chambria basin to visit the Urarina/Shimaku Indians. Because of their remoteness and limited contact with the outside world, their culture has changed very little over the last hundred years.   Our boating cruise will take you deep into the Jungles of the  Amazon.

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During the Amazon  Boating Trip we will visit several villages to learn about their way of life. Travel into the rainforest to see their gardens, house building materials and learn about the plants and trees they use for medicinal purposes.

Gary-TradingSome afternoons are spent giving out photos from prior trips although in the beginning of my travels to this area, they did not allow photos.

We will spend several hours in each village trading for the crafts they have made. There is always the chance the crew (and you) will have a soccer game with the Urarinas in the late afternoon.

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