Our Amazon Experience

There were five of us that traveled with Gary in late Oct, early Nov of 2008.  Our trip was an adventure of a lifetime.  We felt like we were in a National Geographic film.

Gary is very knowledgeable about the indigenous tribes along the Maranon River.  We felt safe and well cared for on the trip.  Most days were spent traveling on the water.  We would arrive in camp early afternoon.  We would visit with the locals and see how they lived.  We saw a new roof being thatched, crops being planted,  a coatimundi shot with a blowgun.  Along the river we saw pink dolphins and lovely blue morpho butterflies.

The accommodations are like camping.  We took a hike through the jungle to the medical clinic. Along the way we were shown plants and explained how these plants are harvested and used. The trip was a real learning experience and we highly recommend it if you are the person looking for a real adventure.  We had great weather when we went.  Also Iquitos was an interesting city and we enjoyed our overnight there.

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