For the Urarinas there is only two seasons, High water and low water. As we approach summer here in the amazon the amazon will rise over 40 feet. During low water, the Urarinas are isolated except on the main tributary which will drop over 30 feet. As the Maranon falls so do the tributaries that feed it. In this basin, some become just a trickle so during this time they just depend on almost entirely the jungle for their basic needs. Some years ago we were in one of the upper villages when a radio call came from a village that their tributary was dry asked if I would walk in with some medicine that we normally have with us. The tourist that was with us said he would love to do the walk to the village. So myself, tourist, some staff and a guide took off for a 5-hour walk the next early morning. Along the way, the guide showed us the vine that has fresh water and that was a refreshing find. When we made it to the village we were warmly greeted by the chief and villagers. We treated those who we could and then started the walk back and during this walk, we passed a hidden burial of the people from the village. This is forbidden for outsiders to see or visit. We spent a short time (no Photos) with the guide explaining how the Urarinas bury their dead. We made it back just in time for supper.

To Be Continued!!!

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